Tver State Medical University

(Tver, Russia)

For more than 100 years Tver State Medical University has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical practitioners and scientists. It is always among the top 10 Medical Educational Establishments according to the annual official rating of the 48 Russian Medical Educational Establishments. Today it is the largest medical scientific, research and educational centre, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff. The Academy possesses a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, research work and auxiliary services.

During the whole period of its history the main goal of the Academy has been training specialists of a high qualification, having fundamental theoretical knowledge, practical skills in their specialties. The principal mission of the Academy is to preserve, develop and disseminate its cherished values. According to the WHO international rating Tver State Medical University takes the 23rd place in the world and 3rd position in Russia in the Medical Studies for foreign students.

Faculties :

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Stomatology (Dentistry)
  • Faculty of International Medical Education
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Post Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Pharmacy

Library & Research :

The Library of the Academy was founded in 1936. It contains over 440 thousand copies of Russia and foreign books.

In addition to this TSMA also maintains another library with approx. 2000 books in English Medium written by Indian and foreign writers. These books are the same which the Indian students read in the local Indian Medical Colleges.

Scientific research programmes are carried out at all Departments of the academy. The research programmes conducted at the academy have participated in six exhibitions conducted in relation to the National Economic Achievements, three of which were national. The Academy has been awarded four silver and two bronze medals. A gold medal was awarded for a combined research carried out by the Academy and the Tver State Technical University.

Hostels :

There are four hostels which can accommodate 1840 students. Two of them are flat type i.e. with attached bathroom, toilet and kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated (air-conditioned). Hostels are fully furnished. The basic system is two or three students in one room. Students are provided with full beddings.

Separate arrangements for boys and girls. Every hostel has internet facilities (wi-fi and broadband). Students can get Indian food at the canteen of the hostel and foreign TV channels (Hindi, Tamil etc.) are also available. All the hostels are well guarded with police security. Bed linen is changed once in a week and hostel is cleaned once every day.

Student Life :

While the primary object of entering the Academy is to get a perfect education and training, time spent in the TSMA can provide priceless life experience. It can tremendously widen person`s mental horizon and glimpse of life, giving him essential superiority over his peers. It is important to mention that apart from academic studies in the TSMA attention is also paid to social and extracurricular activities.

Many units of the Academy provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and improve their talents, show commitment to public service or reveal hidden abilities. In the TSMA there are :

    • The TSMA General Purpose Cultural Centre;
    • Office of Pedagogical Work;
    • Indian Cultural Centre By Indian Students Association;
    • Sri Lankan Cultural Centre;
    • Youth Centre of the TSMA;
    • Soccer, lawn tennis, table tennis, volleyball, triathlon and cricket sport clubs.

TSMA organises cultural programs every year in which students from various countries of the world take part. The Indian student association celebrates Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi etc. Indian festivals every year & there is a holiday on that day in the academy. In sports there are International tournaments of Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton etc.>