Kiev International University

Kiev, Ukraine

The Kiev International University was founded in the year 1994 and is located in the capital of Ukraine i.e Kiev city. Till year 2002, it was know by the name International Institute of Linguistics. The university comprises of : 21 Departments, Students’ Parliament, Military Training Department, Career Planning Centre, UNESCO Club, Centre of International and Public Relations, Electronic laboratory and computer classes, Moot Court Room, Educational TV studio, Specialized language study rooms, Language laboratories, Publishing centre, Press-centre, Library and reading room (with funds of 140,000 exemplars) & Supply divisions and sub-divisions.

Kiev International University has the following faculties currently :

  • Institute of Medicine
  • Institute of International Relations Institute
  • Institute of Linguistics & Psychology
  • Institute of Law
  • Institute of Journalism
  • Institute of Television Cinema & Theatre
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Building & Management

Kiev International University has a teaching staff that comprises of 65 doctors & professors of science, 148 candidates of science & associate professors. More than 90% of the teachers at university have scientific degrees. The university trains specialists in the field of economists, lawyers, teachers, journalists, doctors, workers of social sphere & translators who later represent Ukraine at a global level.

Hundreds of students apply for MBBS admission in Kiev at Kiev International University each year and only the eligible ones are selected for study as the university maintains a strict criteria for admission. The university has a history of producing great doctorsm scientists & researchers in past years for the world