Medical Colleges in Russia, MBBS in Kazan, Admission in Kazan

Becoming a doctor, has always been the top priority for students in India. Apart from being a noble profession, it is also a very potential earning profession. All students who opt for Biology stream in India after their high schools have a dream of becoming a doctor. But with the rising fee structure in India each year, it becomes rather impossible for most of the middle-class families to afford MBBS in India.

This is where the option of Medical Colleges in Russia comes in. Russia has always been a top destination for Indian students due to several factors. The main factor being the good relations between both the countries which makes them feel secure for their stay abroad for such a long time during their study. Second, being the fact the Medical Colleges in Russia have a very affordable fee structure for middle-class families of India. And thirdly, their is no system of donation to get a MBBS seat unlike the ones in India.

Once the student and parents have their mindset for pursuing MBBS from Russia, then they need to decide that which college they should choose. Kazan State Medical Academy and Kazan Federal University are government medical colleges and are situated close to Moscow too. When one chooses for doing MBBS in Kazan, they can be assured that the fee structure of Kazan is quite cheaper than the other Medical Colleges in Russia. The universities have been helping Indian students graduate from more than 11 years, It is one of the top destinations for Indian students to do MBBS in Russia.

If you wish to take Admission in Kazan, please fill up the application form provided on our website along with all your details and we will get the whole admission process done for you very smoothly from the step when you fill your application form to settling you there.

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