Study in Russia, MBBS in Russia, Admission in Russia

Nowadays a lot of Indian students are opting to Study in Russia. Currently, there are more than 6,000 students Studying in Russia. The major reason for this being the fact that all universities are recognized by WHO as well as MCI. The education standards are also very higher in Russia s compared to India and other Asian countries. Most of the students opt for Russia for MBBS, but some of them also go for BDS in selected universities which are recognized by WHO and DCI.

Before some years, all students who were taking Admission in Russia, needed a No Objection / Eligibility Certificate from MCI / DCI, but no such thing is required for MBBS in Russia. All that is needed now is that the student should opt for a university that is recognized by both WHO and MCI or DCI and after completion of his MBBS in Russia successfully he can return to his country and give a MCI Screening Test to start practicing medicine in India.

To take Admission in Russia, all Medical Colleges in Russia have appointed contractors for admissions. Students in their respective countries need to approach these contractors and submit their documents and fill an application form and submit their passport. These contractors get the documents verified and approved from university directly and get the admission letter, invitation letter and all other formalities completed for student in time. Even the journey of student from his country to Russia is organized and managed by these contractors. These contractors then receive the student in Russia and carry out all the process for student till his Admission in Russian University.

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